Route-map to freedom

My second post. 

Freedom.  What is it? There are many definitions to freedom – depending on one’s perspective.  My definition to it is to be free of constraints that hinder what you want to achieve. 

You may want to achieve anything – and there may be a hundred and one hurdles (depending on how you see it).   A hurdle may be as simple as the inability to get up to do the next thing.  

In reality a hurdle exists only within ourselves. 

If we think of something or somebody as not fitting into a certain mould (of our own creation) that satisfies our own sense of what is right/correct or wrong/incorrect – then the mental position we take of classifying it as such and such ……..goes on to create a mental hurdle of that ‘thing’ or ‘body’.  This is just one perspective to the mental obstacles we go on subconsciously creating within ourselves.   There are many more perspectives – about which i will not talk here (possibly in a later post). 

Talking about the paths to freedom – there are many many paths that lead us to ultimate freedom (whatever that is).  I would not focus on the end goal or even try to define what we want to achieve at the ‘end’.

The road-map really focusses on our own chemistry and how we cleanse our chemistry and nervous system.  We transform from inside.  The transformation leads to an immediate improvement in the quality of our life (the tangible immdiate results) and eventually to freedom. 

Traditionally the key-words to the chemistry of the nervous system (per our Indian traditions) have been:

a. Nadis

b. Chakras

c. Prana

I would assume that readers who come here – are aware of what these are.  You can check wikipedia about these – if you don’t.

The basic road-map is this:

1. Balance your ida nadi and pingala nadi. This can be achieved by nadi shodhana – a simple practice of alternate nostril breathing. 

2. Cleanse your chakras blockages by intensifying your pranic frequency.  This can be achieved by various hata yoga asanas, pranayama and kriyas.  Playing games or general aerobic, fitness exercises – to an extent help increasing the pranic frequency.  There are various other indirect means as well – which we will discuss in later blog postings.

3. Activate your chakras – by continuing to do things you have been doing in step 2 and also a few more direct practices.

4. Activate your kundalini to rise through your chakras.  The kundalini keeps rising to a few chakras initially and falling back.  Keep prodding it gently to rise, rise and rise – and reach the Sahasrara Chakra.

This is the direct path to freedom.  There are many many side benefits of this.  Your awareness can increase manifold to various levels of subtlety.  The various dimensions of freedom – become apparent to you the more deeper you go into this.

A word of caution: while I give this path as the basic road-map – please don’t try it without guidance of a proper teacher.  Its fairly risky to try this without the necessary guidance.

As far as the usual man on the street is concerned – our main business is two fold:

i. Increase the Pranic frequency to as high as we can get it.

ii. Purify ourselves in various ways internally to clear various blockages of the nervous system (chakras and nadis).

Freedom or no freedom – if we get ourselves to do the above two as consistently as we can ………that in itself can guarantee a very high quality of life to us.


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